The ultimate 2 seat couch: 9 colour options $560


The luxurious single couch with footrest 9 colour options $440


Felt Signage, Fairy Lights, Sleeping Bag and Waterproof Covers

ARKi ignites the beauty of child's play

Designed with everyone in mind, transforming with every touch. From chaos to calm, creativity to cuddles, character building to cognitive development, continuously sparking endless possibilities. So go forth and empower them to discover, to build and to imagine......All the time knowing that the serenity and sanity of the house can be restored with a simple flip of a cushion. Some say it's a game changer, we say its beautiful uninhibited cohabitation..... Finally.

The Ruler

The kings and queens of the house who dream big and love to rule the roost

The Outlaw

The rebel and independent thinker who doesn't need to abide by society's demands

The Everyman

A down to earth character people can easily relate to

The Magician

A powerful and intriguing character who loves to perform tricks and illusions

The Caregiver

A character who continually supports others and makes sacrifices on behalf of others

The Hero

The protagonist who rises to meet a challenge and saves the day


Blog posts

The Power of Play

The Power of Play

Early Childhood Psychology & Development Educator, Emma Sutherland, talks about the power of play, and how constructive toys, such as a modular play couch like ARKi, can help play a role in a child's social, emotional and cognitive development.

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