How to Remove Stains from your ARKi Play Couch

Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk! 

How to Remove Messy Spilly Stains from your ARKi

ARKi play couches have been designed for heavy duty play and made with tough commercial-grade fabrics to make sure they can withstand this. Unfortunately though, accidents happen and things may get spilt, smushed or splatted on your ARKi. 

When this happens make sure you remove the stain as quickly as possible while the stain is still fresh. By removing it quickly (within the first 24 hours) you will prevent the stain from setting which makes removal harder.

And to make life easier we've attached our comprehensive stain removal guide below that covers most of the common messy spilly accidents that may occur.

Add an Extra Layer of Protection - ARKi The Protector

Both ARKi Base Camp and ARKi Outdoor play couches have been made with 'heavy duty' graded fabrics to ensure they can withstand the toughest play your little tribal member can throw at it! 

However an extra layer of protection will always bring additional peace of mind. ARKi The Protector is an eco-friendly, water-based and non-toxic fabric protector formulated to repel liquids and protect against stains and dirt whilst not effecting the luxurious feel of your textured ARKi fabrics. It allows liquid spills to bead and roll off the fabric giving you time to get to the stain and wipe gently away with a paper towel. Click here for ARKi The Protector

ARKi play couch stain removal guideARKi play couch stain removal guide