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Waterproof Liners
Erin Field
Peace of mind!

I wished I had bought the water proof liners when we bought the play couch. After numerous spills and one nappy free time accident I bought them!

They provide much peace of mind to let the kids run wild on the couch!

The accident (and grotty finger marks) meant that I had a go at washing the covers and they were so easy to wash! Cold wash, dry flat and they were as good as new

Base Camp “the Creator”

I’m yet to unbox this purchase as it’s for a present in November but what I can tell you is that Arki has been a fabulous company to deal with.
Product enquiry responses were fast and detailed and our order was shipped and delivered 3 weeks earlier than expected! Fabulous service and November can’t come quick enough to finally gift this to my daughter!

Lounger "The Sage"
Fantastic, possibly my best purchase yet!

We love this play couch, I looked on line for ages at all the different brands and I loved the look of the arki and we haven’t been disappointed, my boy loves it and the sage colour is to die for!

Base Camp "The Jester"
Stephanie O’Sullivan
Hours of fun!

I have 3 boys who have had so much fun making ninja courses, space ships and cubby houses.
They even used it to have a sleep out in the lounge. So happy with the purchase!

Life changing

Our boys - 4 and 6, love this couch. They use it for cubby houses, chill time, ipad time, hurdle obstacles, forts, and gymnastics. We combined it with a mellow mat - and now they have a soft, comfy, fun play area. It is so handy to move - We also use it as an extra couch for family movie night and if the boys need to be in our home office when they are sick.
Best ever!


I have to admit I was tempted to shop around the avaliable play couches but when it came down to making a decison the value of getting 10 pieces in the base camp and the option for waterproof liners was too hard to ignore. And on arrival this product did not dissapoint with its genetous size, variety of shapes and removable washable covers. Freight to WA was a bit of a shock but that was the same across all companies unfortunately anyways. So glad we went with Arki!

Base Camp "The Sage"
Tammy Turner
Adventure couch

I love love love this couch. I bought this for my 10month old son who is climbing everything at the moment and the moment I opened this he was all over it.
It's the perfect hight for him to climb on and so many different ways to play with it.
I also find it comfy to sit on and watch him play

Gorgeous yellow

I'm not even a huge fan of yellow but seeing this sample in person has won me over. A sunny yet chic yellow, think modern California vibes. Would look great with the contrasting piping.
The material looks strong and definitely wicks water away. I haven't tested it on mud as we have artificial turf.

A good addition to the kids room!

My 2 and 5 years old are getting a lot of use out the couch. Lots of jumping and obstacle courses happening! Great for winter, indoor play. I wish I’d gotten a slightly darker grey for the base cushions, the stains are showing up pretty quick on the light grey.

Great Invetment!

My kids love the Base Camp. I wish I had purchased it sooner. My 9 and 5 year old in particular love it.

Base Camp "The Sage"
heather Mcfie

A fabulous little couch!
Has great size cushions for children to handle and the quality of the foam and materials are great.I also love the sage green colour!!!
I’m sure it will withstand many hours of play.

All enquires were replied to and sorted really quickly.
Very happy with the product and the service! 😊😊😊

Best addition to the play room!

We already love our new Arki play couch, it’s the perfect addition to our play room and so great that it can be used as a functional couch and moved around to create obstacles and climbing tools for our little girl. Really surprised with how well each of the pieces are structured and holds builds so well! Would recommend to anyone with kids

Absolute hit with our tribe!

We purchased the arki base camp after lots of research and we were not disappointed. All 3 of our kids (ages 7,5 & 1) are obsessed I’ve even caught dad having a quick Kip on it also. Highly recommend this product, it’s well made from top end products and can withstand anything the kids throw at it.

Felt Signage Pack
Erin Field
Fun little pack

We received this pack for free with our recent couch purchase and they are great! Lovely quality and stick nicely to the couch.

So far have withstood the rough folding, bending and trying to rip from the 18mth old too!

Base Camp "The Ruler"
Maria Di Giovanni
Endless fun for kids and family as well as a functional piece of furniture!

Our children love having their own lounge that doubles as whatever they can create if it… a castle for the princess, a retreat for the teenager or a rodeo for the middle child. This lounge is comfortable enough for an adult as it is for the children. Very happy with this new addition to our family!

So much love for this couch!

My 2 year old son plays with this couch in a variety of ways everyday. The other day it was a ice-cream van, then a zoo and to finish off with a platform to do endless jumps from. We love how the pieces can be moved around easily and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space when stacked together as we have a small area for the couch to be used in. It was important to us that it could be packed away by being stacked each night. Most days my son just moves bits around the stacked squares to make it into a variety of imaginative interactive areas - rarely as a couch to sit on which I think is fantastic. One part that we would like mention for a redesign is the Velcro parts on the square cushions. We think it would be helpful to have them on more than one side as this would allow different combinations of putting the squares together.

We love it!

The play couch is great! We all love it, the kids play with it every day. Building forts and lounging on to watch tv or play games. We have a 5 and 1.5 year olds and the little one can lift and build things too. the cushions are very resilient when being jumped on nice and firm. The covers are silky soft and so far wipe clean easily.

4 stars only because the couch is expensive.

Sleeping bag

Great sleeping bag. My daughter is loving slumber parties on her Arki using the sleeping bag. Generous in size and very comfy.

Base Camp "The Sage"
Alisha Serridge
Well worth it!!

We love our Arki Base Camp and so does our 12 month old son! It's so sturdy, well made and the fabric feels so durable. We can play with him and all use our imaginations for years to come. Definitely worth it 💕

Base Camp "The Sage"
Sophie Doyle
Excellent quality

My kids are obsessed with their new Arki couch. We bought it for my son's 4th bday, but my 6yr old daughter has had just as much fun if not more!) - the couch is fantastic quality foam, with really sturdy fabric which doesn't show dirt. It was much cheaper than other brands which was great, however, it was a little smaller than I envisioned.

Base Camp "The Hero"
Tiffany McCullagh
Practical and pretty

The kids have been loving this. Ages 3.5&1 there isn’t a day that goes by where they aren’t playing with it. My youngest loves hiding inside it as a cubby or climbing over it and my son loves making elaborate builds, it’s wonderful watching his imagination and confidence grow the longer we have had the couch. The fabric is beautiful quality and washes really well (we had a nappy explosion and I can confirm after a delicate wash cycle there were no marks remaining and the fabric went back on as good as new!). The Velcro is handy to keep the bigger squares together and it’s nice not having the big squares joined like some other brands, there is much more opportunity in having them separated. Love it Arki!

So much fun to be had!

Loving this product so far. We have managed to build a number of combinations that my 7mth old loves. Specifically a ball pit castle, a cubby, a tunnel and a space to stand while playing with toys on top. The couch also gives us somewhere to sit while watching him play.
Definitely recommend this products as it will be used for years to come.

Couch was a bit harder than expected when first arrived but it has softened up a bit

Wish I’d bought this sooner …..I have my couch back!!

This is the best couch for action packed play through to quiet time. I chose the Arki because of all the different shapes pieces, fabric and the Velcro tabs for sturdy builds. It took me ages to compare brands and I wish I had just bought it sooner so the fun could have begun! It was my initial choice before I went down the rabbit hole of researching brands.
We have built cubbies, thrones, tunnels and used as stepping stones for playing lava.
My 3 year old still needs mum to help with the building but it’s early days….she is getting more adventurous with it. After play we always turn it into a cave rather than a couch. She loves to share with her toys and watch her fav tv from inside although usually gets distracted back into play, ditching tv time!

We purchased Basecamp Outdoor in “the Everyman” and use it indoors at the moment, but will take outdoors in the warmer/drier weather. It’s comfortable and does feel like outdoor fabric which is pretty durable for the grubby action it sometime gets.

This couch will not disappoint.

The customer service is also excellent pre and post purchase. I was lucky enough to receive free waterproof liners which thankfully were fitted prior to sending to me.

Versatile and stylish

Bought it as a first birthday present for my son, and my 4 year old can play with it too but honestly i just love using it myself- i have a playroom in the backyard and it’s nice to lay on and read books, nurse and just watch the kids play around or with the couch. It’s super strong and I am quite big but at no stage does the foam compress so that i am on the floor. Used it as a camp when we had a sleep over for kids and they loved it. i like the velcro so that the two big parts don’t slide apart when they were sleeping on it. Spilt kinetic sand and play doh on it and it left no stains and am able to vacuum up the couch a treat.We are still figuring out more creations beyond a house or a washing machine. highly recommend.

Base Camp "The Hero"
Elizabeth Culbert
So much fun

Penny recently opened her Arki and she loves it so much. Penny is entertained all afternoon and even wants to fall asleep on it at night. I have just ordered the sleeping bag and felt letters as well. Can’t wait for that to arrive too.
Great product!