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Excellent colour. Firm to sit on. Packed perfectly. Arrived quickly

Received in excellent condition with timely delivery.

Yellow is a vibe

Received my samples and this really helped narrow down my decision. Very happy with the colour and outdoor bonus features. I’ll be purchasing this once Black Friday sales drop. Thanks Arki!

Hours of fun for kids and parents

Great birthday gift

Boucle Love

Just received our Boucle Lounge (just in time for Christmas). Beautiful quality and even better than pictured. The Arki online support team are also fabulous. I had a few PayPal issues and the team at Arki was so supportive and helpful. I can't recommend highly enough.

Amazing Christmas Gift

Loved ‘The Charmer’ set we will be giving it to our son for Christmas and we can’t wait to see his face and have a play and we know it will be something he will enjoy for a long long time.

Base Camp 'The Hero'
Karen Bastin
ARKi tribe couch

Absolutely wonderful , I brought this for my Granddaughter for her second birthday & she loves it. It’s going to be her couch, play thing & also a single bed , so many uses .

Love addition to bub’s play area

We’ve only had this for a fortnight but has proven to be a favorite so far. To play on, rest, read a book or build a fort. Great material- soft but still resilient to spills and stains.

Creativity Centre & Fun for all

Our son is over the moon with his new Arki couch. He started out looking up the inspiration pages on the site but now is creating his own creations and living every minute of it. Keeps him occupied and being creative for hours.

Fun couch!

So good for imagination, got this for my son's 2nd birthday. He loved it and can't stop jumping up and down on it. He likes making it a 'truck' and lining his soft toys in it. He also tells us to get on with him as well. Perfect for a smaller living room

The jester

Our play couch arrived on a rainy day and it was the best outside distraction ever
And every day since we have played built and rolled on it, also a great asset with my 3 month old and her trying to sit skills
The team are amazing and very helpful, thinking of getting the trickster when the other colours are released

Recommend and would buy again!

We've had our Arki for 8 months now. It gets used so often with our school aged child and toddlers. The eldest uses it for imaginative play, and the toddlers too to a more basic extend (e.g., dolls' beds). They all use it for climbing, jumping and balancing.
We've used it as an indoor basketball ring too (using a soft ball).
Fantastic for when it's too hot/cold/rainy/dark outside.
We occasionally use it as a couch quite comfortably, but it's mostly in pieces getting used for all the endless play ideas.
The vegan leather is very easy to clean!
The only downside is that it can be tricky to put some of the pieces together at times, but this can be easily overcome with problem solving.
I'd recommend and buy the vegan leather range again!

Restless Watcher loves it!

Adhd restless watcher was making wind down time hard. Now the whole family interacts and he crates while getting the energy out. Awesome

Feels nice and soft.

The green is a soft green that's easy to match in the house hold. Material feels soft to touch and easy to clean. I tried a dab of pasta sauce on it and it wiped off clean. Hoping the couch will be as easy to keep clean from my little one's sticky fingers too.

Best first birthday gift

I got this for my daughters first birthday and I can already tell she will love this for years! She loves to climb up and read books and play on the ARKI as a couch. The arches laid flat on the side next to it double as a space to play her toys too. I did my research before purchasing as there are so many loungey things out there but this really was the difference in the end because of the endless possibilities with the arches so don’t have to buy extra. We also love the felt letters and the pink colour is the prettiest dusty rosey pink!

Arki Fun!

We love our new Arki Play couch it’s so well loved in our household. Each day is a new build, a new scenario and awesome fun. There is just endless possibilities of play and build, my kids are just loving it.

This Couch is so worth it

Omg! This couch is crazy ! It is literally the definition of QUALITY ! i love how its not compressed and its so pefectly strong yet soft. Best thing is that its Leather and the only one on the market and its just the best thing ever (i have 5 kids under 4 and definitely needed something easy to clean and this is perfect because aint nobody got time to be stripping covers and washing them etc) The kids absolutely enjoy playing with it and us parents love it just as much.
Us parents use it to lounge on whilst the kids are asleep 😂 this is just the perfect off screen time purchase ever.


I ordered this couch for my grandchildren’s combined Birthday present & from the moment it came out of the box it has been played with, The 3 kids just love it.
I had to change the delivery address after the order was made & the Company went above & beyond to help us out.

Lounger "The Hero"
Sue Grostate
Amazing Product

This couch has made life so much easier. There is no fear of child falling over and hurting themself. Toddler loves climbing on it also. The look is also great in the room.
Speed of delivery was great too.

Lounger "The Sage"
Katyanne Quince
Best kids lounge!

We have played with this in some form everyday since we got it. It’s also made my son alot more confident with climbing and jumping. He loves it and we love seeing him grow confident. Gets his little mind working with what to build and how to play with it. I also love the colour! It looks beautiful in our lounge room! 🙂

Base Camp 'The Creator'
Amanda Webster
Love it!

Great addition to my daughter’s room. It looks great, it’s fun & perfect for sleepovers.

Our son loves it!

I can see our Arkitribe play couch is going to be enjoyed daily for years! Obviously it's a bigger investment as far as toys and play equipment goes but 100% worth it. Our son is having so much fun. He's a rough and tumble kid who really needed an outlet for all of his energy when inside and this is definitely serving that purpose. One of our covers had a small fault in it but we were easily able to get it sorted with Arkitribe providing a replacement cover. If you're on the fence about getting this couch definitely bite the bullet and buy it!

Cute and fun

Very cute play couch. So many options for different builds. My kids are still a bit young to really play properly with it but I think they will love it when a bit older.
Only critic is that it is very firm - a bit too firm. Where it's quite hard when you fall on it and would be quite uncomfortable to sleep on.

Thinking about buying a second set

More than a year after purchasing, our kids still love their base camp set so much we are thinking about getting them a second one!

Base Camp 'The Hero'
Alyssa Jones
Good quality

Great quality very firm foam, excellent shapes especially the backrests and arches. The valcro tabs are small so structures are hard to keep in place with a toddler, but when she is slightly older it will be fine. The material is lovely and soft and very good quality. We use it mostly for our baby for something to kneel, and stand against so it is beyond perfect for that as it’s so firm and sturdy