Our purpose is to

Born from the belief that
of big and little people’s ‘stuff’ is actually possible.
It’s rare to totally let go of your inhibitions and allow kids to truly be kids.
It’s a matter of assessing the risks, weighing up the ramifications
and being comfortable to walk away knowing things will be ok.
We believe in making these moments exist more often.
We believe in fusing beautiful things with beautiful play and…….
We believe when this happens, anything is possible & memories are made.


Hi I'm Amy, a mum to three daughters and ARKi's Tribal Leader. Having spent my career as a brand strategist, I have had the pleasure of building brands across the globe. During this time I've seen the magic that happens when a great product is combined with an exceptional customer experience.  

So with my family's background going back generations in furniture manufacturing we decided to bring these two world's together and create something special.... and this is where ARKi was born.

As parents growing girls, the need for both stimulating and entertaining toys, and furniture, that wasn’t an eyesore seemed to be extremely hard to find.

Educational toys are often full of plastic, comprise of what feels like millions of little pieces whilst having a tendency to take over the house or leave it looking like a bomb site.

So it’s no surprise we’re all looking for that ‘holy grail’ to keep our kids entertained, satisfy multiple needs and personality types, whilst developing the physical, mental and emotional states of the little people we care for. 

Modular play furniture is not a new idea, but modular multiFUNctional play furniture that looks as good on the cover of a magazine as it does in your lounge room, we believe is a game changer. And this is why ARKi was designed with EVERYONE in mind.