ARKi is a multiFUNctional play couch which is as much eye candy for your kid’s play zone as it is the building blocks to unleash your child’s imagination to create just about anything! ARKi fuses beautiful pieces with beautiful play and we believe that when this happens, anything is possible and lasting memories are made.

Each ARKi Base Camp pack is a 10-piece tool kit made up of:

All of these elements not only provide a beautiful and comfortable kids sized couch but all the essentials needed to build THE BEST double bed, cubbies, castles, puppet shows, race tracks, princess zones, donut shops, pirate ships…

So, why is ARKi better?

‘Play has long been understood as a vital tool for children’s development and learning.’ Emma Sutherland, Early Childhood Psychology & Development Educator.
Children learn through play and as ARKi is literally kid-sized constructive blocks of many shapes and sizes, it enables kids to effectively engage in both imaginative and constructive play. It also helps develop the pretend play critical for their social and emotional development and as well as fine tune their motor skills thru manipulation and building.
If you would like to read more from Emma about about the importance of play based learning and how a play couch can complement this, read our The Power of Play blog here.

better buildability icon

ARKi multiFUNctional play couch offers a unique mix of squares, half moons, triangular shapes and arches that will let your kids build more than almost any other couch! Each piece is light enough for even little kids to move and manipulate their creations without tears. And ARKi's anti-slip trapezoids and unique velcro strips attached to each base cushion allows them to build with freedom rather than frustration. 
Plus ARKi's add-on packs provide your little tinkerer all the additional bits and pieces (ceilings for cubbies, curtains for shows, lighting and signage for the main event) to take their creation to the next level (and preserve your fabulous furnishings!) 

ARKi's unique velcro attachment on its base cushions & nonslip trapezoids ensures frustration-free play for little builders.

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ARKi feels just as comfortable on the cover of a fashion magazine as it does in your kid's playroom, and its wide range of beautifully textured fabrics will complement any space in your home. Best of all, ARKi provides you peace of mind knowing that at the end of play, sanity can be restored with the simple flip of a cushion!

inspiring imaginations

Sparking little imaginations, ARKi unleashes their freedom to create and play in a safe and fun way! So empower your kids to discover, to build, to imagine...the possibilities for play are truly endless!
‘ARKi modular furniture comes with the unlimited possibilities of your child’s imagination.’ Emma Sutherland, Early Childhood Psychology & Development Educator.

kid safe zone icon
The ultimate blend of safety and comfort ARKi contains no sharp bits that will poke, scratch or hurt little humans. It allows your kids to be kids, giving you the confidence to walk away knowing things will be ok. Our 100% Polyurethane foams are CertiPUR-US certified to ensure they are low-VOC, free from nasty chemicals and treated with an antibacterial solution to provide odour, mould and dust mite resistance.

Covered zip tabs and ARKi's unique inner foam covers provide extra protection.

heavy duty play

Who says you can't jump on the furniture?? ARKi's sturdy foams and beautiful range of 100% polyester Heavy Commercial grade fabrics provide easy clean and hard-wearing assurance. Our covers are easily removable and machine washable. ARKi also provides the additional assurance of inner covers to provide an extra layer of protection to ensure ARKi can continue to play as hard as your kids for years to come.