ARKi Play Couch FAQ

Yes! Our new Custom Couch Builder makes it easy to create your very own ARKi designer play couch to suit your space and style.

In our fabric range, mix and match up to four colours, choosing from Oatmeal, Sage, Denim, Teal, Pink & Grey. You can even add extra base cushions to create a Chaise.

You can also customise your vegan leather couch choosing from our beige, caramel and green vegan leather range.

Foam - 100% Polyurethane foam pieces. The foam is independently certified by the industry's leading certification body, CertiPUR-US to ensure they are low-VOC, free from nasty chemicals and treated with an antibacterial solution to provide odour, mould and dust mite resistance.

Internal Material Foam Covers - For extra protection and cleanliness each piece of your ARKi play couch is covered in a soft 100% polyester inner lining, that is removable. This gives your ARKi play couch an extra layer of stain and moisture protection for your foam.

Fabric Covers - We use premium 100% polyester fabrics (wool/felt look) in our ARKi play couch range which not only look and feel sensational on your ARKi play couch but also provide easy clean and hard-wearing assurance. All fabrics we use have been professionally tested and certified in Australia, to Australian standards and to our own higher level of requirements, to ensure the fabric is fit for purpose. The testing has graded our fabrics as heavy commercial and rated up to at least a Martindale score of 60,000+ rubs, so your ARKi play couch can pretty much take whatever your kids can throw at it! Which also makes it perfect for schools and child care centres too!

We also sell additional internal waterproof covers for your ARKi foam if you require an extra level of protection to ensure they are truly pet and kid proof!

Base Camp as a 2 seat couch is 175cm L x 75cm D x 50cm H

The Lounger as a 1 seat couch with foot rest is 100cm L x 105cm D x 50cm H and without the foot rest piece is 100cm L x 75cm D x 50cm H

Individual piece sizes are as per below;

Base Cushions 75cm L x 75cm D x 12.5cm H

Arch Pieces 12.5cm L x 75cm D x 37.5cm H

Trapeze Cushions 75cm L x 30cm D x 25cm H

Base Camp is made up of 10 individual foam pieces, which in total weigh approximately 16.4kg.

The Lounger is made up of 8 individual foam pieces, which in total weigh approximately 11kg.

The heaviest individual piece (base cushion) weighs approximately 2.75kg which means that even little kids can happily move every piece of ARKi without the intervention of annoying adults. It also makes it easier for them to tidy it away…just say’n.

We do subsidise the cost of shipping for our customers as much as possible, however we do need to pass on shipping costs for each product item to keep our business viable.

Shipping costs are broken into the following areas Australia wide; Capital Cities, Outer Metro Areas, and Regional & Remote areas. These areas are defined by Australia post and their shipping rates schedule. We charge a flat rate nationally according to each area.

Costs of shipping are as follows;

Base Camp: $75 Capital Cities / $95 Outer Metro / $150 Regional & Remote
The Lounger: $55 Capital Cities / $70 Outer Metro / $110 Regional & Remote

Base Camp: $110
The Lounger: $75

Base Camp: $150 
The Lounger: $100

Please contact us for a quote

All shipping charges will be applied at checkout and will equal the combination of the total of each individual items shipping cost. Shipping charges are determined by the postcode of your delivery address.

If your postcode does not come up in our system please contact us directly for a shipping quote as these areas may incur a different rate.

Pls note, In Stock Items: All orders for in stock items are processed within 7 to 10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your order confirmation email. You will receive another notification when your order has shipped. 

Whilst your order leaves our Sydney warehouse complete our delivery partners will quite often split orders for delivery so that multiple boxes can be delivered over several days. However each box has an individual tracking number so that you are able to track each item to your home.

Your ARKi Base Camp will arrive in 3 boxes, weighing approximately 7kg each. Box dimensions are:

Base Cushions: 2 x boxes = 76cm x 76cm x 26cm

Arms/Backs/Moons: 1 box = 80 x 76cm x 26cm

Your ARKi Lounger will arrive in 2 boxes, weighing approximately 7kg each.

Box dimensions are: 

Base Cushions: 1 x box = 76cm x 76cm x 26cm

Arms/Backs/Moons: 1 box = 80 x 76cm x 26cm

All ARKi play couch boxes come with a carry handle on top so they can be moved into their new home super easily.

We don’t compress our foam as we feel as though the experience of opening them is so much better when they are ready to use straight away, the covers stay taut, wrinkle free and look fabulous right out of the box. 

The ARKi play couch has been designed, developed and prototyped in Australia and manufactured with our longstanding partners in China.

Our family has been in the furniture business for generations and we manufacturer both in Australia and China. Over the years we have developed long standing relationships with exceptional manufacturers who deliver to the high standards we have set.

Due to the shapes that make up our design and our wish to ensure our ARKi products remain COMPETITIVE and more importantly ACCESSIBLE to Aussie families, we decided to take it off shore. We know our partners well and are very comfortable in the end results they can achieve for us.

All testing is done in Australia, including commercial fabric testing and of course the most import testers of all - our littlest tribe members……… and so far everyone has given it the tick of approval.


The 100% Polyurethane foam used in our beautiful ARKi play couches is one of the safest available in the market and are certified by the industry's leading non-profit certification program - CertiPUR-US. Our foam has been tested to meet CertiPUR-US rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability and to ensure it has been made without formaldehyde, are low-VOC, and free from nasty chemicals. Our foams have also been treated with an antibacterial solution to provide odour, mould and dust mite resistance.

Fabrics – Our fabrics are hard-wearing heavy commercial grade quality. They have not been treated with harsh water-resistant or fire-retardant chemicals which makes them safer for the environment and your family

Child-proof zips. Each ARKi piece has an elastic hub to hide the zipper head and we use tab-less childproof zips making them extra kid-safe. To zip open your couch cover simply attach a paper clip to the zipper head - this will act like a tab enabling you to move the zipper up and down. 

ARKi is made from hard-wearing heavy commercial grade fabrics that can be cleaned and look their best even after the hardest wear and tear your kids can dish up.

For quick spills and smaller stains we recommend spot cleaning. For best results ensure that you treat stains immediately as there is a much greater chance of removal within the first hour of staining. Drying the spills quickly, avoiding moisture wicking into the foam, is also important. Always ensure you remove the cover prior to cleaning (so that nothing is absorbed into the foam.)

Following spot cleaning place your covers in a cold machine wash and lay flat to dry.

If moisture gets into the foam, place the foam outside to dry in sunlight or in area best suited to fully dry the foam out. This will help ensure no moisture stays trapped in the foam.

All ARKi covers are easy to remove and machine washable.

Simply remove outer covers by finding the zipper head underneath the elastic safety tabs. Wash on a cold machine cycle then lay them out flat to dry to avoid shrinkage.

The fabric on your ARKi play couch is rated for Heavy Commercial usage, although it is not waterproof. The fabric will allow spills to roll away if they are only sitting there for a short time, and our protective inner covers also provide and extra barrier to keep your foam pristine.

If a spill does occur, blot the liquid with a dry absorbent cloth. If the spill does penetrate into the foam, remove covers and either spot clean or cold machine wash. Allow foam to dry in a sunny space.

Both the ARKi Basic and ARKi Outdoor range use the same durable high quality certified foam guaranteed to give you many years of heavy duty play!

However ARKi Outdoor covers are made from highly durable marine-grade fabrics which are antimicrobial as well as UV, Fade, Water and Stain Resistant - perfectly designed for our tough Australian climate!

Our covers are readily interchangeable between both ranges so whether your mini ARKi-types are building the ultimate fort on a cold rainy day or navigating an obstacle course across a crocodile-infested lawn, ARKi will always provide many, many, (many!) hours of imaginative play fun!

ARKi Outdoor is designed to play and stay in the Australian sun! Our outdoor range is made from highly durable marine-grade fabrics which are antimicrobial as well as UV, Fade, Water and Stain Resistant and designed to withstand the tough Australian climate (and kids!).

However to keep your couch and its foam pristine we do recommend that at the end of the day you store your couch outdoors but undercover.

Whilst our outdoor covers are water resistant they are not waterproof. If do accidentally leave your ARKi out in the rain, ensure you remove your covers asap and leave the foam to fully dry in the sun before covering once more.

Our ARKi vegan leather range is made from beautiful, soft silicone vegan leather which is a non-plastic, eco-friendly, bio-compatible synthetic polymeric material derived from natural silica, the major constituent of sand. In comparison with other vegan leathers such as PU leather, silicone vegan leather is much more durable, stain resistant and has a more premium look and texture more similar to natural leather. It is also more sustainable, eco-friendly and non-toxic.

ARKi's silicone vegan leather is extremely practical and an excellent choice for younger or more spilly arki-types. Not only is it naturally UV resistant, it is scratch and stain resistant. Even Sharpies wipe clean after 8+ hours! Whilst it is buttery soft to touch, unlike real leather it does not scratch, warp, fade or crack.

🤩 Beautiful and stylish
❤️ Soft to touch
😊 Fun to build
✅ durable & practical - scratch & stain resistant, Sharpie proof!
🌳 Sustainable & eco-friendly
☀️ Naturally UV resistant.

At this stage we only ship Australia-wide, but if you are interested and live somewhere else in the world then please contact us directly.

Our one year warranty covers any manufacturing faults and defects. It does not cover accidental spills or stains to covers or foam, or wear and tear from general use.

When you open your new ARKi product please inspect it carefully to ensure there are no defects or faults. If for some reason there are any issues please make contact with us at

If there are any manufacturing faults or defects, or damages to your product on receipt, we will replace your product with a new item.

If for some reason you wish to return any of your ARKi products please contact us at

If your return is accepted we'll send you a return shipping label and instructions on how to return your package. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer returning the goods.

No exchanges will be accepted for change of mind.

Please check the contents of your ARKi immediately upon receipt. In the very unlikely event that we’ve sent the wrong item or it has been damaged in transit please advise us within 30 days of receipt to arrange a return.

Please detail your return including several photos of the fault and send to to allow us to resolve or issue a return code and instructions. Any returns not accompanied with a returns authorisation code will not be accepted.

ARKi is founded on the principle of fostering childhood development through play and the emotional, social and creative development of every child is very important to us so we would love to help any families who qualify for the NDIS scheme!

Please fill out the form HERE and we can issue you with an invoice to claim against your NDIS funding.

Yes we do! Our combination of high quality, durable CertiPUR-US certified foams and 100% polyester heavy commercial graded fabrics makes the ARKi play couches a great choice for these rough and tumble environments.

ARKi 'The Protector' is an eco-friendly, water-based and non-toxic fabric protector specifically designed to add an extra layer of protection to your ARKi Heavy Duty grade fabrics to keep them stain-free for even longer.

Featuring the latest in nanotechnology and made from natural ingredients ARKi 'The Protector' is a breathable protective coating primarily formulated to repel liquids and protect against stains and dirt whilst not effecting the luxurious feel of your textured ARKi fabrics. 

ARKi 'The Protector' allows liquid spills to bead and roll off the fabric giving you time to get to the stain and wipe gently away with paper towel.

For most ARKi fabrics we recommend one bottle of ARKi 'The Protector' spray per 10 piece play couch. Due to the nature of fabrics such as corduroy and boucle, 2 bottles per play couch is recommended. 


From a distance of 15cm apply one even coat (around 100ml every square metre) to you ARKi couch until the fabric becomes moist. Allow 3-4 hours to dry and up to 24 hours to fully cure.


ARKi 'The Protector' will help keep your ARKi play couch stain free for up to 2-3 years or 30 washes. That's a lot of heavy duty play hours right there!


The Protector is primarily formulated to repel liquids and to give you breathing space to mop them up. It will help in cleaning out oily stains such as chocolate, tomato sauce and sunscreen however some marking may still occur, particularly if rubbed into the fabric by little fingers! 


Absolutely! Our ARKi Outdoor play couches are made from durable marine-grade fabrics which are already UV, fade, stain and water resistant. ARKi 'The Protector' will however provide an additional layer of stain and water protection for your outdoor couch making them even more durable for outdoor adventures!

The Protector stain repellent from ARKi is a non-toxic water-based protector formulated from natural ingredients. It is certified safe for everyone including kids, pets and allergy sufferers. It's eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free and just as safe for the environment as it is your family! No nasty chemicals here!