Think Outside the Box


Transform you ARKi boxes into some great play accessories!

So you've unpacked your beautiful new ARKi play couch, don't throw away the box! Because this is a special box, a box of unlimited imagination! It could be...a jetpack for your little explorer, a dungeon to an ARKi castle, a toy trailer for an ARKi car, a vending machine for an ARKi shop...the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Also if you and your tribe need some kids couch build inspo check out our Build Inspiration Ideas!

Don't forget to send a picture of your wonderful cardboard creations to:

Clever Crafty Cardboard Ideas @cardboardfolk!

We at ARKi are absolutely thrilled to have partnered with fabulous friend and ARKi Tribe Ambassador, Kathryn Ho! Kathryn is a very clever interior designer turned cardboard enthusiast and creator of @cardboardfolk, a fun and fabulous Instagram account dedicated to all things cardboard and crafty! With a qualification in design, she brings her love of architecture and engineering to our ARKi tribe creating some awesome accessories for your ARKi play couch builds. So get your glue guns ready and check out Kathryn’s fabulous and crafty suggestions for you and your tribe to make with our big beautiful ARKi cardboard boxes!

For More Simple Creations...

ARKi play couch cardboard box ideas

ARKi play couch cardboard doors

ARKi play couch cardboard cafe

ARKi play couch cardboard bassinetARKi play couch cardboard toolbox

For The Ultimate Glue Gun Workout...

These creations may be a little trickier to build so click on the photo for further instructions on how to create these fabulous masterpieces to complement your ARKi build!

ARKi play couch cardboard doll toy bedCardboard Chalk Doll/Toy House

ARKi play couch cardboard airplaneARKi play couch cardboard guitarARKi play couch cardboard fishing rodARKi play couch cardboard circusARKi play couch cardboard super hero setARKi play couch cardboard Xmas Tree