Cirque du ARKi Play Couch

Roll up, roll up, roll up! Presenting the greatest circus in town...Cirque du ARKi! Here's your opportunity to use your big beautiful ARKi cardboard boxes to make this fabulous circus stage, fit for any Jester, Magician or Creator ARKi-types. Complement your ARKi play couch builds with wonderful step by step instructions brought to you by the talented crafty instagram folk @cardboardfolk. Bring on hours of circus fun!

ARKi play couch cardboard circus

Cirque du ARKi

How To Instructions

ARKi play couch cardboard circus instructionsARKi play couch cardboard circus instructionsARKi play couch cardboard circus instructions

Cirque Du ARKi Play Scene


2 x ARKi Cardboard Boxes

Box Cutter

Steel Ruler


Duct Tape

White Paint Pen

2 x Cardboard Rolls (eg: from baking paper)


Hot Glue Gun

Cutting Mat


Step 1.

To start your Circus Backdrop, cut out 3 of the large panels from your ARKi boxes with a box cutter.  Use a steel ruler as a guide for the straight edges and protect your working surface with a cutting mat or scrap piece of cardboard underneath.

Step 2.

Create the door by cutting out an arched shape in one of the panels with a box cutter. We made ours 40cm W x 60cm H.  Keep the cutout for Step 7!

Step 3.

Next, create a window by cutting out a circle from the middle of another panel.  It should be about 40cm in diameter.

Step 4.

Join the 3 panels together with Duct Tape or Strong Masking Tape on the inside faces.  To make it stand up just position the panels on an angle.

Step 5.

For the Sign, cut a semi circle from the left over cardboard around 70cm W x 30cm H and draw on your text with a white paint pen.  We also gave ours a white outline for some extra detail.

Step 6.

To attach the sign, cut 4 vertical slots in each of the cardboard rolls, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom. The slots should be wide enough so that the cardboard fits inside.  We also gave our rolls a white stripe with a paint pen.

Step 7.

Add any extra details to your structure that you like! We added a white outline around the panels and made an extra sign from the Arched Doorway Cut Out. 

Step 8.

Assemble the Circus Backdrop by slotting the cardboard rolls into the middle panel and the sign and hot glue or tape on any extra details.  Fold out your backdrop and you’re ready to perform!

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