You've guessed it - our name ARKi, is a play on the word Archetype.

If you've every heard of a ruler, jester, magician or a hero, to name a few, then you've heard of an archetype. Pronounced (ARK-uh-type) it's a character that creates an immediate sense of familiarity, allowing an instant connection and relatability. Essentially, they epitomise a personality type.

Have a look below at the 12 archetypes to see which ones you have living in your house.


The Kings and queens of the  house who dream big and love to rule the roost 


The protagonist who rises to meet a challenge and saves the day


A character naturally driven to push the boundaries and explore the unknown


A character who continually supports others and makes sacrifices on their behalf


The wise one, ready to share their knowledge with anyone who asks


A funny character or trickster who provides comic relief, but may also speak important truths


The true romantic, guided by the heart


A kind, sincere and morally pure character


The one with a vision who lives to create using imagination and tools at their fingertips


A powerful and intriguing character who loves to perform tricks and illusions


A down to earth character people can easily relate to


The rebel and independent thinker who doesn't need to abide by society's demands