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Boredom Buster! Our Favourite Things to Build & Make with ARKi Play Couch & Boxes

Boredom Buster! Our Favourite Things to Build & Make with ARKi Play Couch & Boxes

Aren't we all looking for that magic toy to entertain the kids during weekends and school holidays? Finally ARKi! Whether it's a rainy weekend, cooped up inside or the long, long holidays of summer, ARKi could well be the sanity saver that keeps your little tribe entertained for hours and hours and hours!

As literally life-sized building blocks of many different shapes and sizes, ARKi is an excellent way to keep kids engaged as well as enable the imaginative and constructive play needed for childhood development. Thru pretend play, like building a shop for example, ARKi can be used to help kids develop language and social skills such as taking turns, negotiating, listening to others as well as problem solving.

ARKi's sturdier foams, velcro and non-slip backing makes it easier for little fingers to manipulate and build without frustration, developing those all important motor skills. Fun activities such as making accessories to enhance their creation, for example bunting or super hero masks from your ARKi cardboard box, can develop their fine motor skills and extend their creative development.

Keeping your kids entertained and fostering their play development ticks all the boxes for fun weekend & school holiday times for everyone!

So we've included below our tribe's most favourite things to build with their ARKi play couch with step-by-step instructions, plus some handy accessories to really bring their creations to life.

Long May They Play!

The ARKi Cowboy

ARKi play couch cowboy oatmeal

Yeeehaaa...ride 'em cowboy! Gallop away the hours with this fun build made with either ARKi Base Camp or Lounger

Velcro 2 base cushions to form a V. Secure at the top with 1 arch. Place 2 trapezoid ramps at the bottom to secure V in place. Use half moon cushions as stirrups. Wedge second arch between base cushions as the horse's head.

Make/add some fun accessories such as eyes, ears, mouth made from felt, a tail make from a feather duster and dressing gown cord reins. 

ARKi Cafe/Shop

ARKi play couch cafe shop sage green

Building something like a cafe or shop is a great way to engage in constructive and pretend playallowing kids to manipulate blocks to develop gross body movement as well as develop their language and social, win! Create this build with either ARKi Base Camp or Lounger

Place 1 base cushion flat to the floor and top with 2 arched armrests to form a shop window. Place other base cushions at the back and sides to form walls. Use trapezoid ramps to create shop counters and half moon cushions for customer seating

Props such as ARKi felt letters or fairy lights, awnings cut from your ARKi cardboard box, play money and items for sale can be used to extend creative development.

ARKi Rocket Ship

ARKi play couch rocket ship

Designer play couch to...blast off! This intergalactic build will securely transport your tribe to infinity and beyond with ARKi Base Camp or Outdoor.

Position 2 base cushions side by side and top with two base cushions. Support your ship with 2 half moon cushion on inside of base cushions and trapezoid back rests on outside. Decorate with ARKi fairy lights, felt letters, balloons, cardboard stars or other accessories to create an out-of-this-world experience.

ARKi Cubby

ARKi play couch cubbie

Don't we all want to occasionally escape the world? Have our own private place just for us, to snuggle up with a book or our favourite treasured things? Introducing the ARKi cubby made with either ARKi Base Camp or Outdoor.  

Assemble walls with 3 base cushions and top with either 4th base cushion or Starry Nights sleeping bag as a dreamy, starry roof. Place 2 arched armrests to form a doorway. Use half moon cushions as a door for privacy to escape from the world (or annoying siblings!)

ARKi Sun or Movie Lounger

ARKi play couch yellow outdoor sun lounger

Backyard, play room or bedroom, set up a special relaxation space just for them, either as a sun lounger or movie recliner (complete with a laptop or tablet so they can enjoy all the latest movie classics or cartoons). This build can be made with either ARKi Base Camp, Outdoor or Lounger. 

Velcro 2 base cushions to form a daybed and support upright with trapezoid rampDuplicate with other base cushions & trapezoid ramps if you have an ARKi Outdoor or a Base Camp. Attach arch to the side as an armrest and half moon cushion as either a foot rest or a table for a laptop or tablet. 

The Great ARKi Magic Show

ARKi play couch denim blue magic show

Roll up, roll up, roll up! Let your little magician shine with the greatest (and most comfortable!) magic show in town! And here's how to do it with your ARKi Base Camp or Outdoor.

Firstly, set the stage! Position two base cushions side by side and top with two arched cushions to make a stage. Decorate with ARKi fairy lights, felt letters, rabbits, cardboard wands or other accessories to wow and amaze the audience.

Set your audience up in comfort by positioning a half moon cushion and trapezoid back rest atop a base cushion. Repeat for the other audience member.

ARKi Van

ARKi play couch oatmeal van build 

Beep, beep! The ARKi van is here to deliver your tribe's favourite toys and hours of fun play. This awesome van can be made with your ARKi Base Camp or Outdoor.

Position three base cushions to form a cabin in which to store your most important deliveries. Use 1 base cushion as seating and top with trapezoid back and arched cushion. Use an arch for steering and 2 half moon cushions for wheels.

ARKi Pirate Ship

ARKi play couch pirate ship

Yoho me hearties! Sail the seven seas looking for treasure in this ARKi pirate ship. You could even add a fun treasure hunt with clues to extend their play! This build can be made with either ARKi Base Camp, Outdoor or Lounger.  

Place 4 base cushions (or 2 if you have the Lounger) flat to the floor and bookend with trapezoid ramps or half moon cushions Create a spy/cannon hole with 2 arched armrests and trapezoid ramps (or use the trapezoid ramps to create a plank for the unworthy to walk....arrrrggggh!)

Accessorise with a jaunty Jolly Roger flag, cardboard flags or bunting made from your ARKi box or ARKi fairy lights.

ARKi Play or Games Table 


What better way for the family to join in on the fun! Make an ARKi table set so that everyone can enjoy an afternoon of play or games...Snap! This build can be made with either ARKi Base Camp, Outdoor or Lounger 

Use 2 arched armrests as legs and top with 1 base cushion. Stabilise with half moon cushions under the arches. Use 2 trapezoid ramps as comfy table seating.

Need more inspiration? Click here for ARKi Play Couch Build Inspiration Station for more ways to play with your ARKi play couch.


Behind every great build there are great accessories! Whether it's ARKi felt letters & numbers, fairy lights or our Starry Night Sleeping Bag...or perhaps some truly awesome bits and pieces made with our big beautiful ARKi cardboard boxes. The only limit is their imagination! 

ARKi play couch cardboard box creations

ARKi play couch + cardboard accessoriesARKi play couch cardboard super hero mask

Click here for cardboard builds with step-by-step instructions on how to make these fabulously fun accessories + more cardboard inspiration from clever & crafty folk @cardboardfolk.

Enjoy this time with your kids knowing that sanity and calm of your house can be restored with the simple flip of a cushion!